The C.A.R.L.I.

The CARLI provides leaders with valuable insights related to the six dimensions of the C.A.T.C.H. & Release® Model. A total of 120 items are used to assess 34 leadership constructs culminating in six dimensions of the model. All items used in the CARLI have been reviewed and vetted by subject matter experts. Initial analysis of the instrument has yielded highly reliable results. Upon completing the assessment, an individual will be emailed their results. Please note that initial percentile cutoffs were derived from a pilot launched to 508 leaders (avg. 11.8 years formerly serving in a leadership role). Individual scores that fall within the 1st—30th percentile are defined as Discovering, the 31st—69th percentile as Developing, and the 70th-100th percentile as Demonstrating. If your score is close to a cutoff, it may be beneficial to read the recommendation within and just outside of your score.

The Book: Catching Leadership

Inspired for nearly ten years to combine his passion for leadership, psychology, and mindfulness; Michael has artfully tied together a masterpiece. Anchored by the C.A.T.C.H. & Release ® Model, Catching Leadership helps leaders of all backgrounds learn how to let go and hook into leadership in a brand-new way.

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