Inspired to make a change in his life, Michael ditched the high stress traveling consultant lifestyle to spearhead a lifelong dream.

The question that needed to be answered was: How could leadership development resonate with more people in a non-threatening way while still promoting elements of mental health and well-being? The answer was something Michael had stewed on for over a decade before deciding to make a splash in 2019 with the inception of Catching Leadership.

“It needed to be different from other cookie cutter corporate models of leadership, it needed to be authentic and get at the root of most leadership challenges, understanding people, psychology, and mindfulness."

It dawned on Michael one day that nature serves as the greatest teacher in life when you are willing to pause, appreciate, and observe the story it tries telling us each day. 

Leadership, psychology, and mindfulness are at the core of Catching Leadership. It is embedded in everything we do.